Eco Raider Kills Bed Bugs Instantly!


I recently moved into a new apartment and everything seemed to be going great until I went through

a serious nightmare situation. After a few days of not being able to sleep through the night due to what I thought was mosquito bites, The bites started to swell up very badly and I had a horrible allergic reaction to them. It was so bad that I got very sick and got a 102.7 degree fever!! the next morning I searched my bed for possible allergens or bugs and I found a bed bug! Immediately I went online to search for a spray like product to try and exterminate the problem. I went to Walgreens in times square in NYC and found a product called Eco Raider Bed Bug Kill Spray in the small 2 fl oz size, which claimed to be an organic solution to killing bed bugs.


 I must admit I was a little skeptical but I was hopeful and determined to take care of my problem back home. The very same night I brought Eco Raider home and I sprayed it all around my bed and in floor/wall cracks. and INSTANTLY I saw it going to work. Some of the bed bugs that were in the cracks started to come out and died on contact!!! Success!!! It seriously WORKED like a charm and I was finally able to sleep through the whole night.


The next morning I was so impressed that I searched for the eco raider website, hoping they would have a bigger sized version of the product. I saw there was a 16 oz version. So I called the customer service number. Let me tell you that this was the icing on the cake. Never before have I experienced such excellent customer service. They helped me find the location where the product was sold and was really friendly and sympathetic to my situation.


The bottom line is; Eco Raider works! I shared my experience so that others may find a natural, fast acting SOLUTION that is even safe to spray on skin. It kills on contact and it does not leave a horrible chemical smell like other bug killing products would.


Thank you Eco Raider!!!!! I will definitely recommend this product to everyone.




Julian F.

Jamaica, NY 

This product suprised me working very good, last week my daughter had suffered bed bugs bites in her rental apartment, and after she used it, she did not have new bed bugs bite anymore, I also use it to kill carpenter ants and small ants they came into my house, they died in 10 secends! And I like it is Eco-friendly! The price seems little expensive, I received it late, But overall it’s worthy.

Westbury, NY

The spray fusssss….. there is no good for the bugs…….

Miami Beach, FL

I love this product, it does kill on contact and it is a safe produact to use around my daughter. I’ve been spraying it in the areas that I notice they pop out of and on them as well. Sometimes more do pop out when I spray it but it helps to see where they’re coming from. The scent isn’t too bad, smells woodsy to me. Either way, I will buy as needed as it helps eliminate these pests.


Suddenly there were strange bugs coming out of said chair. Not a clue what they were but I used some flea spray. This seemed to work for a while but they kept coming back. I checked out and I’m thinking these are bedbugs. Went on-line and found this spray. It seems to work (the little buggers did make their way to our bed as well as the drapes), however it would seem this should be used weekly as I’ve since found out one has got to get them before or right after the egg-laying process.
Things have definitely improved. The spray does kill on contact however they are pretty slow and easy to grab and flush. I’ve have purchased a second bottle just in case.
So far haven’t had to get an exterminator.
Thank you.

St Louis, MO

This spray is definitely effective. There is no bedbugs in my room anymore and no more bites. It is so nice because it is organic so I don’t have to be worried about inhalation and allergies that I always have. The product is easy to use and its label is also easy to read and understand. I recommend who has bedbug problem like me buy it. It is valuable!!

Orange County, CA

Ecoraider was the first bed bug spray we’ve ever bought, and I’m glad we chose this. It has an interesting smell that some people might need time to get used to, but it has worked well in our apartment. I applied some directly onto my sensitive skin as well, but it didn’t give me any irritation. I would recommend this product to customers looking for bed bug spray.

H. Lee
New York,NY