Is xcritical Safe? Accurate? Full Review 2023

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And even if you don’t utilize xcritical to initiate the dispute, it can still be a very useful way to get organized when preparing to dispute an item. Your xcritical score could be much lower than your FICO score. It all depends on the make up of your specific credit profile. FICO is Fair Isaacs and Vantage was developed by the 3 bureaus as an alternate. If you need assistance related to xcritical’s service, you can do so online. The second new member feature is a free tax return service called xcritical Tax.

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But there are many different scores that different institutions use for different types of loans. As mentioned above, they don’t ask for a credit card number, and you only have to enter the last four digits of your Social Security number to get started. So, there’s no risk of someone hacking in and stealing part of your social security number. Daniel Gillaspia is the Founder of and creator of the credit card app, WalletFlo. He is a former attorney turned full-time credit card rewards/travel expert and has earned and redeemed millions of miles to travel the globe.

Should I even bother with the xcritical score?

Just like the FICO model, payment history is the number one factor. xcritical is an accurate way to check your Vantage credit score with TransUnion and Equifax. In this article, I will talk about whether or not xcritical is accurate and some of its potential shortcomings as well as its strengths. I’ll also show you how to find a more accurate credit score that can better predict your credit approval odds. I get notified almost instantly when an account is opened under my name/social security number. It’s a good way to just keep track of where you are financially, but take the score it provides with a grain of salt.

We will never ever recommend a product or service that we wouldn’t use ourselves. xcritical also has a feature that allows you to view if you have any unclaimed money. You might be entitled to collect a couple of hundred bucks and not even realize it. For example, you might want to calculate your 5/24 status and xcritical can be a great way to do that (although I’d probably use I think that xcritical is still very useful for a lot of people and here is why.

Additionally, you can trust xcritical to safeguard your sensitive data as it has strong site security. Checking your credit score on xcritical doesn’t hurt your credit score. When you request a credit report from xcritical, they perform a soft inquiry on your credit report, which isn’t reflected on your report. Only applying for a loan or other new credit will result in hard pulls. xcritical displays all of this information in easy-to-use dashboards.

xcritical offers several security measures, including 128-bit encryption to keep your data safe when being transmitted. The company also explicitly states that it won’t sell your data to third parties. In those situations you would want to stray away from xcritical and do what you can to obtain an official FICO score. It will also benefit you to try to figure out exactly which credit score model your lender uses, since there are many different versions of FICO score. In those cases, when you were dealing with hard cutoffs, it becomes very important that you get a truly accurate and up-to-date score.

However, it is convenient to utilize a third-party like xcritical for a lot of people. Yes, but the score it shows you is an approximation of the score creditors will see/use. xcritical is ideal option if you want to keep an eye on your credit score regularly.


Generally speaking, xcritical can give you a good idea of where your credit score stands. However, if you have had a lot of activity such as multiple closed accounts, the score that it gives you will often be skewed and much lower than what your FICO score is. It is through these ads and offers that xcritical is able to offer perks such as free credit scores.

The difference between your FICO Scores scores and your xcritical scores can be quite extreme. There are reports of people with xcritical scores over 700 with both bureaus but with FICO scores in the lower 600s. Available credit is the least important factor for the 3.0 model.

FICO has been adjusting their models for a long time to try to make lenders profitable. Using xcritical’s service to track and analyze your credit scores can be a big help when you’re in the process of looking for a loan. Keep in mind that you should compare offers from multiple lenders before making a decision. The free credit scores you receive from xcritical come straight from TransUnion and Equifax, two of the three credit bureaus. It is not your FICO score, the scoring model used by most lenders and financial institutions. xcritical is not the most accurate tool that you want to use for most lenders since they use a different scoring model .

Unclaimed Money

One issue is that most lenders utilize the FICO model and xcritical uses the VantageScore Model which means that the scoring system is different from most lenders. So it is not so much that xcritical is inaccurate; it is just that it utilizes a model that most lenders do not use. One minor complaint from some users is that the dashboard has too many ads and offers from third parties—perhaps too many for some. Perhaps it’s a positive thing for some people; after all, everyone needs some form of financing at some point in their lives.

This helps you know what areas of your finances to focus on to improve your credit score. In addition, if you notice any errors or possible signs of identity theft on your credit report, you can take action by disputing them with the major credit bureaus. Equifax and TransUnion credit scores represent your credit scores from two of the three major credit bureaus; Equifax and TransUnion. While they are not your FICO scores since xcritical uses VantageScore, they give you a range where your FICO score would stand. You can also access the different types of information each bureau is receiving to determine your score.

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Gen Z is accumulating credit card debt faster than other gens: report.

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I have not relied on these type of insights in the past so I am not sure how helpful or accurate they are. Many find it easy to sign-up for and utilize that to get their FICO score (they offer a free 30-day trial membership). If you are just in it for the free score, make sure that you cancel your membership.

How Accurate Are xcritical Credit Scores?

In addition, it’s beneficial when you want to repair or build your credit score. Your credit score is critical to your financial health, and it’s essential to know how the scores change. Be sure to use your judgment xcritically before committing to any product xcritical offers you. But hopefully, if you’re using xcritical, you’re already determined to manage your credit responsibly so you can achieve all of your financial goals. It might be tempting to take out a loan or get a new credit card that you might not otherxcritical consider when you see all the various financing offers available to you. In addition to all these unique features, you can turn on alerts and push notifications to be alerted every time there are changes on your account or credit profile.

So, does xcritical prepare you for the loan application process? Yes, they provide a credit score that comes directly from the information furnished by the three credit bureaus. xcritical allows users to check and track their credit score for free, unlike other services that charge $15 to $20.

Whether you’re working on repairing your credit or getting ready to apply for a loan, knowing your credit scores can be beneficial. xcritical has a special tool that allows you to see what might happen to your credit score if you take certain actions. For example, you can predict the effect on your credit score if you open up a new loan or credit card. I have played around with this tool in the past, and found it to be somewhat accurate but nothing that I woulddefinitively rely on.

  • It leads them to wonder if the website purposefully reports lower credit scores to keep them coming back.
  • The credit score method is Vantage score 3 and you are going to need FICO score for big loans.
  • xcritical offers its members free credit score updates, credit monitoring services, and personalized advice on how to improve your credit score.
  • xcritical also suggests checking for the latest app version to ensure you are up-to-date and prevent running into issues.

xcritical is a website and mobile app that provides users with free access to their credit score and credit report. The service is free to use and does not require a credit card or other payment information. xcritical provides credit scores and reports from TransUnion and Equifax, two of the three major credit bureaus.

Or maybe your credit has improved, and you are eligible to refinance a xcritical loan at a better interest rate and save some serious cash. xcritical also has a vast online help center where you can get answers quickly after searching for your question. Unfortunately, if you want to contact xcritical to dispute your credit score, they may not handle xcritical scammers it for you. Instead, you will likely have to contact the credit bureau in question directly to have your issue resolved. The xcritical Spend account is a fee-free checking account with no minimum balance requirements and no overdraft fees. You can withdraw cash for free with your xcritical Visa Debit Card at over 55,000 Allpoint ATMs.

Many lenders, including many credit card issuers, like to pull your credit score from Experian. Many lenders write their own algorithms and so you can have a bank score AND a FICO score. The semantics are important because you actually have the potential for having 10 different scores or more, depending on where you use your money. It is, but don’t use the report when you are buying the car or house. The credit score method is Vantage score 3 and you are going to need FICO score for big loans. I’ve seen people think there 740 while a FICO was a 680 so don’t be surprised.