EcoRaider Natural Insect Spray |Bed Bugs| Mosquitoes| Ants| Roaches

The Best Natural Insect Killer

For Bed Bug, Mosquitoes, Ants and Roaches:

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Fast, Effective and Lasting

Eliminate 90% bed bugs within 1 hour.

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Eco-friendly and Non-Toxic

Natural and organic active ingredients.

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Eco-friendly and Non-Toxic

Natural and organic active ingredients.

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Fast, Effective and Lasting

Eliminate 90% bed bugs within 1 hour.

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The Best Bed Bug Killer

Water based botanical formula.

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Study Identifies Most Effective Natural Bed Bug Killer

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Once we started using EcoRaider we saw a difference immediately…I’d say within a few weeks we saw a drastic reduction in the bed bug population. We haven’t seen a bed bug in the shelter itself in months…

— Michele Cruzat, Bed Bug Operations Manager, Eden Advanced Pest Technologies, Seattle

We use EcoRaider as part of our heat treatment services for bed bugs. EcoRaider has helped us increase our percent control and reduce our bed bug callbacks.

Bill Hastings, Technical DirectorRose Pest Solutions, Chicago, IL

My company has used EcoRaider since November 2013 and since that time we have serviced over 500 bed bug jobs. EcoRaider is the best product we have used and has an excellent kill rate on first application.

Larry Patrick, CEOGood Earth Termite & Pest Control, Inc, Memphis, TN

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  • Ant & Crawling Insect Killer 16 oz.

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  • Surgical Type 3-Layer Face Mask 50 Units per Box

  • All Purpose Home Insect Control 2 OZ

  • KN 95 Mask 50 Units/Box, Individual Packed, Color: Black

  • Mosquito 3-in-1 Killer & Repellent Card Size Sprayer 1oz Pack of 6

  • Pressurized Pump Spray 2 Gallon

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  • Mosquito 3-in-1 Killer & Repellent Hose end Sprayer 16 OZ

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