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The workshops are designed to help pupils overcome anxiety about writing and prepare them to face upcoming challenges, and consist of 4 x 50 minute sessions. All RLF Bridge Fellows are professional writers who have been RLF Writing Fellows in universities, working one-to-one with students to develop their essay writing. The features of a second paragraph are 1) a topic sentence, 2) an explanation of reasoning, 3) evidence to support that reasoning, and 4) a transition to the third paragraph. Amanda Swift writes fiction for children how to present a quote and has made many author visits to primary schools. She has a post-16 teaching certificate in Literacy, taught year-olds at Lewisham College ( ) and Creative Writing to First Year students at the University of East London in 2018. Vayu Naidu’s historical fiction, re-imagined myths and plays have been nominated for international awards, and the Commonwealth Book Award; they are staged and broadcast by BBC Radio Drama. She was Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow at the Universities of West London, Royal Holloway, and Greenwich.

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Karin is the Bridge coordinator for England and, together with her colleagues, she hopes to encourage more schools and students to benefit from the opportunities brought by the project. This workshop will guide students to become more confident in their writing skills as they make the transition to university, college or work. Delivered by professional writers, the session focuses on essay writing using a combination of practical tasks and discussion. Bill Kirton has written short stories, radio and stage plays, novels, and non-fiction books on writing, studying and workplace skills. He was a lecturer in the French Department at Aberdeen University and, after taking early retirement, became an RLF Writing Fellow at the Robert Gordon University and the universities of Dundee and St Andrews.

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She has written over fifty books for children – ranging from picture books (including the award-winning The Whales’ Song) to Young Adult. She has also written three adult novels and one travel book. She worked as an RLF Fellow at Goldsmith’s University in London for three years, which has given her an insight and understanding of the challenges many students face with essay writing. It’s that experience that attracted her to working in the Bridge programme. She has done many visits to both primary and secondary schools, as well as having run writing workshops at Arvon and the Mary Ward Centre.

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  4. Envy being the granite characteristic embedded in the hearts of all architects, Rem Koolhaas has sneeringly characterised Calatrava’s prolific bridge-building as…”over every rivulet, a Calatrava”.
  5. As if early millennial pressures and hot fashion for regeneration were not enough , Channel 4 poster boy Kevin McCloud hooved into view and filmed the whole damn thing.

Inbali Iserles is an award-winning author of children’s books. A fascination with urban foxes inspired her popular Foxcraft trilogy, which has been translated into multiple languages. Inbali has written for the New York Times bestselling Survivors series under the pseudonym ending an essay with a question Erin Hunter. She also writes non-fiction books for younger readers on subjects as diverse as undersea volcanoes and the domestication of cats. She has penned articles and reviews for a range of publications including the Guardian, the Independent on Sunday and Mslexia.

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The one thing he cannot take is the fact that his power over Catherine goes, and that’s exactly what happens. By entering your information you agree to us retaining your details to send you information on our services. The RLF Bridge Fellow supplies all materials to be used online/ in class, and the pupils keep their toolkits afterwards. The RLF Bridge Fellow consults teachers ahead of the Bridge to discuss the workshops and agree timetabling and modes of delivery. To address general issues with writing as well as grammar, punctuation, style and essay planning.

She has a PhD in history and has worked as a staff reporter in Europe and Latin America, writing news reports and an award-winning novel, Hinterland, about refugee children alone on the road. Here we have most of the myths gathered together in print for the first time, I believe. The phase “a few years ago” probably refers to the rebuilding of the bridge in 1905. This paragraph survived unchanged in the reprint of 1923, and in the modern facsimile reprints. So it appears that how to start an essay example the Revd Conybeare, former Vicar of Barrington and a Cambridge resident, might be the person most responsible for starting the dissemination of these myths. He had been a student of Trinity College (1862–​66), and I surmise that he might have been exposed to many Newton legends there, including perhaps the myth of Newton having been the designer of the Queens’ bridge. Had Conybeare checked with Willis & Clark 1886, or Atkinson 1897, he would have discovered the true facts.

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She has created a number of best-selling text-books for children learning English as another Language as well as readers for Cambridge University Press. Penny did an MA in creative writing in her forties that gave her insight into the challenges facing students when writing academically. Lisa Evans is an award winning playwright working across stage, tv and radio. The Bridge is a series of workshops that help senior pupils develop their writing, as well as prepare for the challenges of more academic or quote introduction sentence starters formal writing at university, college or work. Conceived by Consultant Fellow Katie Grant, and developed and funded by the RLF, the workshops are run by experienced professional writers who have worked with students in universities as RLF Writing Fellows. Over 150 schools across the UK have already benefited and RLF Bridge Fellows have also worked in partnership with the British Library and LEAPS. Deborah Chancellor is a prolific writer of children’s fiction and non-fiction on a wide range of subjects.

Stephanie was the RLF Fellow at the University of Southampton for three years and previously a creative writing lecturer. She enjoys helping students with their writing and believes that essay writing is accessible to all. She brings her long experience of teaching undergraduates to the Bridge programme and is keen to help sixth-formers develop their writing skills. Katie Grant’s expertise at helping young people develop their writing skills is forged through her experience as a novelist, journalist and co-creator of the academic writing website at the University of Glasgow. She was the Royal Literary https://chopbox.express/gordie-howe-international-bridge/ Fund Writing Fellow at the University of Glasgow for three years and has run Bridge workshops in schools across the west of Scotland, including Springburn Academy and the Glasgow Academy. Nicolette Jones is an award-winning writer and critic who has written non-fiction for adults and innumerable newspaper articles, and compiled anthologies for young people. Her own track record of academic writing includes studying at Oxford, and on a graduate fellowship at Yale, and she has helped undergraduates and graduates with their writing as a RLF Fellow at University College London and King’s College London.

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This design permitted shipping to pass under the arches while they were being erected. The red-brick building seen on the right of the photograph narrative characteristics is the riverside building (ca. 1460), the oldest building on the river at Cambridge, containing parts of the President’s Lodge.

One hundred and twenty feet above your head is, to this day, the longest single-arch concrete bridge in the UK, designed by Colonel Stewart Maynard Lovell, Royal Engineers . There’s a competition afoot to design a new bridge for Salford. A bridge that will span the River Irwell, connecting The Crescent, Chapel Street (the City’s main Civic drag) with The Meadows, seven hectares of under-used green space that is very nearly Ox-bowed by a tight curve in the river. All part of the over-arching vision for Irwell River Park, which glints more brightly in the Salford eye, than it appears to do in Manchester’s.

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Write a sentence explaining each piece of evidence you have chosen. In each sentence, focus on how this evidence supports your argument. The topic sentence still needs to connect to your thesis statement. Reliable study advice an easy-to-follow writing tips from Oxbridge Essays academics.

  1. In that role, she particularly enjoyed engaging with new students and supporting them in the transition to writing at university level.
  2. The second paragraph of an essay is also known as the first body paragraph.
  3. In his spare time, he writes fast-moving thrillers and short stories set in Greater Manchester, where he lives with his wife, kids and a scruffy little lurcher.
  4. Her interest in education led her to run a successful campaign in south-east London for a new state secondary school, where she became chair of governors.
  5. One of the cross-beams is shown to have been reinforced with an extra layer of timber underneath.
  6. Now, with four children of his own, he finds himself in the same situation all over again.
  7. Karin is the Bridge coordinator for England and, together with her colleagues, she hopes to encourage more schools and students to benefit from the opportunities brought by the project.

With these steps, you can write a second paragraph in no time! This also contains great sentence starters for the second paragraph. Doug Johnstone is the author of eight novels and a dozen short stories. He lives in Edinburgh and has run Bridge workshops in schools across the city for the last three years, ranging from Portobello and Holy Rood to schools such as Stewart’s Melville and St George’s. Doug was the Royal Literary Fund Writing Fellow at Queen Margaret University from 2014 to 2016; he has also worked there as a Consultant Fellow. He has a PhD in nuclear physics and a diploma in journalism, and he continues to work as an arts journalist and creative writing tutor. From 2016 to 2019 she was the Royal Literary Fund Fellow at the University of Stirling.

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Read your topic sentence out loud with each transition to see how it sounds. Below is a list of relationship words and phrases that are helpful to use as sentence starters. A transition is a word or phrase that connects one idea to another. Transitions https://medsurg.me/2023/02/16/how-to-cite-sources-in-an-essay-how-to-properly/ between paragraphs connect the main ideas of each paragraph. Use relationship words as sentence starters to smooth out the transition. The second paragraph is important because it bridges the introductory paragraph and the rest of the essay.

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Her crime series has sold over a million books, and been shortlisted for several major awards. Keen to support aspiring writers, Leigh chairs the judges for the Crime Writers Association Debut Dagger Award, and runs their critiquing service. She has delivered highly acclaimed writing courses to adults and university students, and has been an RLF Fellow at the University of Westminster since 2017. Trained to teach pupils with specific learning difficulties, and TESOL trained, she taught as a secondary school English teacher and SENCO for many years. Christina Hopkinson the author of five novels, two non-fiction books and countless articles for publications including The Guardian, The Times and The Telegraph. Between 2017 and 2020, she was the RLF Fellow at the London College of Fashion.

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The last sentence of a paragraph is a great place to start transitioning to the next paragraph. A concluding transition sentence is a sentence at the end of a paragraph that includes a hint of what is coming next.

  1. Sentence starters are words and phrases that appear at the beginning of a sentence.
  2. It was claimed for this design that, if it were needed to replace a timber in a side truss, then that timber could be removed and replaced without disturbing its neighbours, and without needing to dismantle the entire bridge.
  3. Candidates must follow the guidelines on word count, presentation, and referencing as outlined in the course handbook.
  4. Back in 1966, moments before a potential government-toppling by-election in Hull North, Prime Minister Harold Wilson got his Minister of Transport, Barbara Castle, to sanction the Humber Bridge.
  5. Katie Grant’s expertise at helping young people develop their writing skills is forged through her experience as a novelist, journalist and co-creator of the academic writing website at the University of Glasgow.
  6. If someone does this they are stripped in their community of all their honour.
  7. Originally from Sweden, Karin is a novelist, critic and translator.

If the government paid for college, more people would be able to make large purchases and boost the economy. Free college can also boost the economy in many other ways. In a combination of two myths, one sometimes hears the false story that the bridge was designed by “a student of Newton”. In fact, the bridge was erected long before Milner arrived as a student at Queens’, so the factual reliability of this volume of reminiscences is placed in doubt. The report of the myth can be acccepted as a written note of what was then circulating as an oral tradition.