Avoid Bed Bugs When Consignment Shopping

Do you just love feel of a comfy old couch or the appeal of the rustic style that only antique furniture can behold? Then you are probably a little like me, and a bit of a consignment and antique junkie.  

Unfortunately, some furniture doesn’t always get properly inspected before making its way to the showroom floor. Therefore, I would like to offer a few tips to shoppers so they avoid bringing home an extra guest with their thrifty purchases.

Inspecting a piece of furniture thoroughly is the first step every consumer should take. Check for bumps and other kinds of abnormal wear and tear –these might be indicators that pests are roaming about in the furniture. Of course, you don’t know what the conditions were like where the furniture was stored prior to your ownership so it is necessary to take some precautions. For example, keep the piece separate it until it is fully steam cleaned.

Another way to avoid bringing in bed bugs is be choosy about what used furniture you buy. Used mattresses are no-no. People’s skin cells, sweat and bodily fluids seep into their mattress. So those facts plus the bed bugs, and that should gross you out from wanting to buy a used mattress.  

Since bed bugs live off blood they tend to leave these stains behind, these stains are a clear warning sign to stay away even the cutest of cute adorable throw pillows.  

The news is not all bad for the thrift-store shopper. As long as you keep in these tips in mind and keep certain tools on hand, you don’t have to sacrifice those great furniture finds.

EcoRaider bed bug spray is a treatment, maintenance, and a preventive measure and could be used right after you buy a pre-used item. Before you introduce your new sofa or lounge chair into your living room, apply a mist throughout the upholstered piece to secure that no bugs stray far away.   

Let’s not forget pests hide in less obvious places, even that antique mahogany chest or a second-hand dining room  table which will spruce up your hipster shack nicely are hiding places. Be mindful, before you stain and polish, heed this advice, mist with EcoRaider to keep your valuable treasure in tact and your home and consignment finds, bug free.