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Green Bed Bug Product, EcoRaider, Draws Rave Reviews at Public Housing Conference

EcoRaider, the pest control industry’s top green solution for controlling bed bugs and other insects got rave reviews at a national public housing administrators conference in Las Vegas. PHADA, the Public Housing Authorities Directors Association, held its annual convention in Las Vegas and EcoRaider was a central figure since it is widely used by public […]

Be Prepared for Ant Season!

How many times have you left a crumb or a drop of something sugary on the counter and then later noticed ants were present? Everyone has! It’s the season that ants are now foraging and looking for food indoors again – so you’ll notice a good number of ants starting to reach the perimeter of […]

Why Natural Pest Control is The Healthy Choice

While there are a lot of companies that will tell you that a pest control product is not going to perform if it is natural or green, that is not the case. In fact, there have been many solutions for pest issues over the years that have been pesticide free. What’s important about a green […]

INTERVIEW: How Bad are Bed Bugs? This month’s Interview is with a Midwest Housing Authority Executive Director

This month’s EcoRaider Interview is with Michelle Perkins, Executive Director of The Housing Authority of the County of DeKalb. Home to Northern Illinois University, DeKalb is about 75-90 minutes west of downtown Chicago. ECO: How much of a problem are bed bugs? MP: It’s a national epidemic and even though we are incredibly proactive and […]

Introducing The EcoRaider College Trial Program

Introducing The EcoRaider College Trial Program – The Only Bed Bug Solution that Meets University Budgets, Kills 100 percent of Bed Bugs, is All-Natural and Student Friendly! Unlike most products geared to kill bed bugs, EcoRaider is “The Most Effective Natural Solution” for bed bugs (According to the Entomological Society of America) and is now […]

Dealing with Bed Bug Problems at Schools and Universities

Bed bugs are the ultimate hitchhikers – making them ideal for both middle and high school settings where students are using their backpack much of the day. The same goes for college and university students, not only because of their backpacks but because of the sheer numbers of people coming into contact with each other […]

Why EcoRaider is “the best natural bed bug killer” ?

EcoRaider is not only used by diy users but also professional exterminators as a primary tool for bed bugs eradication around the country because it provides a natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly treatment for bed bugs. Unlike products with synthetic active ingredients, EcoRaider is natural and green, making it safe for use around children and pets. But the product […]

Bed bugs! Iowa bed bug cases increase!

Pest control companies say they’re seeing an increase in bedbug cases in eastern Iowa. The pesky, blood-sucking bugs don’t carry diseases but can cause painful bites. They often come out to feed at night and hide during the day in the crevices of mattresses and furniture. Bed bug treatments are common and bed bug sprays […]