EcoRaider Affiliate Program

If you have a website or blog, the affiliate program provides you the opportunity of earning quick cash with this world’s most wanted and innovative green pest control product. EcoRaider is the answer for both the growing epidemic bed bug infestation and the demand of an eco-friendly solution. Because of its outstanding performance and trustworthy quality, EcoRaider is named “the most effective natural product for bed bugs” by the Entomological Society of America and Recommended by USDA IR4 Public Health Pesticide program. It is preferred by leading pest control professionals and has been the #1 bestselling pest control product on Amazon.

By joining us together to market the fast growing EcoRaider product line using the tools made available through Share-A-Sale affiliate network, you will not only enjoy fast earning commission, but also partner-up with a team of the most talented and hardworking advocates of a green and sustainable lifestyle that put “protecting our planet” in action.

Program Benefits

As a member of the EcoRaider Affiliate Program, you’ll be treated as a part of our marketing team. With adverting the most wanted green pest product for home, you’ll be ready to earn commissions in no time!

• High commission 10%
• National best seller and the most wanted product
• Free membership via the network
• Quick response time for affiliate support
• Free professionally designed banners with high conversion rate
• Custom creative requests welcome!
• A wide variety of text link ads, including custom text link ads
• Product data feeds
• Shorter locking period (so you get paid faster)

How to Join

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Disclaimer: Any affiliates residing in California, Colorado, South Dakota, New York, Pennsylvania, Arkansas, North Carolina, or Illinois will be disallowed from joining the program or be limited to the number of referral sales to those states, due to new Internet sales tax laws.
All affiliates will be required to read and adhere to the Affiliate Program Agreement found within the (Share-A-Sale) program.

If you would like more information, please contact us directly.