Evolution is No Match for EcoRaider

Cockroaches have been walking the earth for millions of years, for much longer than we have. It looks like they might be here long after we are gone too, but not if we can help it.

A new study from Purdue University found that German cockroaches are becoming immune to powerful and popular pesticides, making it virtually impossible to control the population. Scientists claimed that during the study as the cockroaches were exposed to certain insecticides, they not only developed a resistance to one insecticide in question, but to other insecticides as well. Once a cockroach develops a resistance, it can pass it to its offspring. With female cockroaches breeding an average of 200-300 babies in their lifetime, it’s only a matter of time before these insects become essentially insecticide-proof.

What does that mean for us?

Treatments for cockroaches will need to evolve too, with new efforts to include trapping and vacuuming. Additionally, improving sanitation, will help to control the cockroach population.

But here’s the good news: When our non-toxic EcoRaider Roach Killer was tested in a Rutgers University study, it killed 95% of roaches just 24 hours after application, far surpassing the control.

In another study from Semco, EcoRaider was tested for repellency on German cockroaches. Again, EcoRaider Roach Killer proved to be far superior than the control.

Our Roach Killer is not only the most lethal substance on the market for German cockroaches, but it also provides a 30-day residual of roach repellent once it is sprayed.