Be Prepared for Ant Season!

How many times have you left a crumb or a drop of something sugary on the counter and then later noticed ants were present? Everyone has! It’s the season that ants are now foraging and looking for food indoors again – so you’ll notice a good number of ants starting to reach the perimeter of your home, near every entry door as well as around the entire outside of your home.

It doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment or a single-family home, perimeter ants are an issue. EcoRaider is the solution to help you with an all-natural method for killing perimeter ants on contact! EcoRaider is ideal for ant control for a number of reasons:
• Kills ants on contact in 1 minute!
• Repels ants for up to 4 weeks
• Prevents ants from entering a structure
• Disrupts ant trails and feeding
Remember, EcoRaider is safe for children and pets, making it the ideal ant and bed bug control product for the home. It can be used both throughout the home – even in sensitive areas like the kitchen – as well as around the home’s exterior.

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