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No1The Most Wanted Bed Bug Killer 

The most effective natural bed bug killer
reported by Entomological Society of America
Proven by USDA Public Health Pesticide Program
Recommended by pest professionals and entomologists

greensafeEco-friendly and Non-Toxic

EPA exempt minimum risk pest control product
In compliance with FDA GRAS standard
Natural and organic active ingredients
Safe to use around children and pet

fastef-fectiveFast, Effective and Lasting

Fast kills bed bugs and eggs all inclusively
Dry residual provides extended protection
Lab tested: kills 80-90% bed bugs within 1 hour
Field proven higher performance than pesticides

Bed Bugs: Field Demo Video 

Video demo of how to  get rid of bed bugs fast and thoroughly with EcoRaider. Including documentary video from Rutgers University field study in infested apartment complex.

Which bed bug killer works best?

Entomological Society of America published journal article comparing bed bug products. EcoRaider is the only natural product that causes 100% mortality of bed bugs among all tested.

EcoRaider Scores in USDA study

USDA IR4 Public Health Pesticide Program evaluated method for eliminating bed bugs in public housing. EcoRaider rivals top professional synthetic pesticide.

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Bed Bugs – you need to know

How do I identify a bed bug?
How do bed bug infestations happen?
How fast do bed bugs duplicate?
What is the life cycle of a bed bug?
Why it is so hard to get rid of bed bugs?